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State of the District from the K3

District Meeting 2013/06
 ~ All Unit Commissioners are looking good and doing great, however we still have a few units without a Commissioner. A Unit Commissioner plays several roles, including friend, representative, unit "doctor," teacher, and counselor. If you have the following skills, you could be a Unit Commissioner:
  • Have excellent people skills
  • Have a Scouting background or be a fast-track learner
  • Know and practice Scouting ideals
 ~ Great new for Tanah Keeta (TK)! TK has received the official ok. Ground breaking for the new buildings will begin this August!. All scouting events will carry on as normal. Check the Gulf Steam website for updates and a list of construction event.
It's almost here! That's right Our annual popcorn fundraiser is just around the corner. The purpose date for the Popcorn KickOff & training for the School Night for Scouting will be on Saturaday, August 10th at Advanced Painting complex (i.e. Roundtable meeting location). This is a purposed date. Brett Dean, District Executive is working to make this a final.
 ~ Mark your calendar!
  • August 10th: Popcorn KickOff / School Night for Scouting training
  • August 12th: Roundtable Starts - Be the first to know this year's themes!
  • August 26th: Trade Winds District Meeting: We have several open positions. Check the Leader List on this site.
  • September 14th: Cub Scout Pow Wow - More details to come! 
 ~ Remember to talk to your parents about Summer / Resident Camp. If a cub scout attended Day Camp or will be attending Summer / Resident Camp he will have completed one of the major requirements for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award. 
 ~ New this year from out Camping Chair is Winter Camp. Download the flyer from our calendar or from the Forms & Flyers section of the website. EARLY BIRD Registration ENDS November 30th!

2013 Loxahatchee River Raft Regatta
Lighthouse District

Troop 204 has been kind enough to share some photos from this year's 2013 River Raft Regatta.

More photos coming soon from Marc Gerner - Troop 395

Upcoming River Raft Regatta
April 25th - April 27th, 2014

2013 Loxahatchee River Raft Regatta

2013 River Raft Regatta Results
Camp Tanah Keeta
April 26-28, 2013

Junior Race
1st  - Raft 14 – Troop 109 GSC, Time: 23:56
2nd – Raft 30 – Troop 422 GSC,Time: 24:45
3rd – Raft 3 – Troop 774 GSC, Time 27:23

Senior Race
1st – Raft 15 – Crew 109 GSC, Time: 20:25
2nd – Raft 24 - Troop 308 GSC, Time: 24:26
3rd -  Raft 8 – Troop 141 GSC, Time: 29:26

1st – Raft 1 – Crew 497 SFC
2nd – Raft 10 – Crew 150 GSC
3rd – Raft 27 – Troop 132

1st – Raft 1 Crew 497 SFC
2nd – Raft 17 – Troop 402 GSC
3rd – Raft 16 – Troop 204 GSC

Overall Winners
1st – Raft 1 Crew 497 SFC
2nd – Raft 17 – Troop 402 GSC
3rd – Raft 10 – Crew 150 GSC

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BSA 2013 Medical Forms
Download them NOW from the following locations
Trade Winds District


If you have any photos to share of any GSC or TWD events please email me at



Awesome Job by Cub Scout Pack 197!
We love it when your scouts, packs and troops make it to the news in such a positive way. Check out the July 11th article that was in the Palm Beach Post.
Download or view the PDF below.

2013 Trade Winds Cub Scout Day Camp
"Cubs in Motion"
    What a great turn out for Cub Scout Day camp! There were 135 cub scouts and 15 siblings in attendance. We would like to thank the over 75 scouts who help with supervising the younger ones and creating cool activities for the cub scouts to do. Cub Scouts had fun creating various crafts and playing tag, red light / green light, dodge water sponge, kick ball, soccer, clothespin archery, and much, much more! The best time of the day is by far always the playground when cub scouts can load up there super soakers and drown their fellow scout.Medical staff attended to injuries such as bumps, cuts, ant bites and top of the list, splinters which were all healed by a band aid and / or freezee pop!
    All these activities can cause a scout to work up an appetite and who better to satisfy that appetite than Chef' Marc. Chef' Marc cooked up  600 hot dogs, 800 hamburgers and surprised the adult leaders with items such as sirloin and sausages. Senior staff helped pass out 1,250 bags of chips and 1.250 cans of soda.
    At the end of the week scouts and parents got to enjoy the grand finale of Day Camp! Each group had the chance to shoot off a rocket they helped make. Some were duds, some were just too big and heavy and others shot so high in the air they were never to be found (except by the lawn crew when they mow the park).
Below are a few group pictures. We will have more photos of the week posted shortly.

2013 Trade Winds Day Camp - Theme: Cub in Motion

 Operation Homecoming
Check out their FB Page for more info!

2013/05 Operation Homecoming

American Legion Cracker Trail Camporee

Upcoming February 28th – March 2nd 2014

American Legion Camporee @ Tanah Keeta

Contact:  Pietera Siegler, or 561-202-4605

What is a "Cracker Trail" Competition?
The Cracker Trail is a Boy Scout Skills Adventure Camporee. It is designed to showcase the scout spirit, unit challenges, as the Scouts are challenged in different areas of Scouting Skills. This Skills Adventure Camporee is open to all Boy Scout Troops in the State of Florida. The 2013 camporee only requirement to attend this Camporee is to receive an endorsement from an American Legion Post in your area.
Events will include Towns designed to expose our Scouts to Americanism, Honor Guard, Rifle Range, Orienteering and many more, plus a Chuck Wagon Race, Auction, Campfire Ceremony, Patrol activities and a Saturday evening meal in the Dining Hall.
Below are highlights from this year's American Legion Cracker Trail Competition.

2013 American Legion Cracker Trail



Journey To Excellence